Strong visual design brings the user experience to life – the trick is to create designs that are a pleasure to use as well as to look at.

First impressions count, and the look and feel of your website or system is a vital part of the user experience.

We strike a careful balance between beautiful design and usability – crafting visual elements in a way that encourages users to stay and explore or complete a task quickly and easily.

Visual designs are usually added towards the end of the interaction design process. We build a strong understanding of your brand and creative goals, and work with you to refine the best design concept.

We often user test designs so they’re as easy to use as they are on the eye.


We create visual designs that are:

  • validated by user feedback: a key step in designing a great user experience.
  • visually appealing: strong design gives you more credibility in the eyes of your users.
  • flexible: we’ll present designs in the format that best suits you.


Depending on your needs, we can provide simple, paper-based designs or hi-fidelity designs in a range of formats, whether it’s Photoshop, HTML / CSS.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project needs and know more about the techniques we use and the duration needed to deliver your project