User experience design and research methods should be central to any product or service development project. It is crucial to ensure that the end user is at the core of all design, and that concepts and solutions are validated with real users before you commit to final designs and development.

If product and service development is a key responsibility of your organization or team, you should consider bringing core UX methodologies and skills in-house by trained team members.

We provide a number of UX training modules which we combine into 1-3 day programs depending on your particular needs. Our UX training modules include:

  • User experience design (UXD), covering the optimal approach to user experience and UCD, the key steps in a UCD process and common methodologies, principles of usability best practices, and common usability issues.
  • Information architecture (IA), covering the principles of IA design and testing, including how to create and test an IA using cartsort and Treejack tools to optimize your website navigation, labels, structure and the overall findability and engagement.
  • Service Design, covering best practices and methods that we use to lead complex service design engagements with our clients and especially government organizations to ensure citizens find and complete their tasks in short time without cognitive thinking.
  • Usability testing, covering an introduction to usability testing and the theory of how to plan/recruit/script/set up/run/record/analyse/report on a test.
  • Usability testing practice/workshop, using our or your testing environment and applying the usability testing theory module, participants learn how to conduct robust usability testing in practice without the need of external help.
  • Co-design, covering an introduction to co-design, the co-design process, preparation, tools, approach, and deliverables for running a co-design workshop.


Our UX training modules:

  • Will transfer skills of the very same UX methods we use to your in-house team.
  • Will give you both theoretical understanding and practical experience of core UX tools and methods.
  • Can be compiled to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization or team.
  • Will give your organization a competitive advantage in product design, service design, and development over your competitors

Who should Attend:

Our training courses and workshops provide advanced ux knowledge and best practices. Even if you are beginner in this field, this program is right for you. Students and employees who work in the following fields are specifically encouraged to be part of the training program:

Content authoring, marketing and communication, design, development, project management, data analysis, subject matter experts, and project leaders


Once you complete the following courses, you can request to become UX Certified. You need to pass 3 of the following 4 courses exams.
  • User Experience Design (UXD)
  • Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Service Design 

Upcoming Training

We provide training on monthly basis for all the training courses. Course price is $ 695 per person. A 20% discount for groups of 3 and more.

To become certified, you need to pass 3 of the following 4 courses’ exams:

  • User Experience Design (UXD),
  • Information Architecture (IA),
  • Service Design
  • Usability Testing 


Register now for any of these courses or request custom training in the city you live in and time you prefer.