Delight users with a well-designed interface they’ll love to use

Good design doesn’t just happen. Getting it right requires careful attention to how people will use a system or website, from page layouts to functionality. We call this interaction design.
We can design the layout of a simple webpage or a complex transaction. We love creating interfaces that are intuitive, enjoyable and easy to use whether it’s a website, application or kiosk.

We take a quick prototyping approach to interaction design that’s based on user and business research. Our process is not a black box – we’ll work with your team and help you to:

  • brainstorm concepts on paper or a whiteboard. You’ll get multiple, lo-fidelity sketches
  • analyse design ideas to determine what is and isn’t going to work, and test those ideas with users
  • create a detailed design concept that will delight users and support your business goals. You’ll get one, hi-fidelity design concept that may be an interactive ‘clickable’ prototype


From early concepts to a working model, prototyping means our interactions are quick to produce and easy to modify following user feedback.

  • iterative – early concepts are fast and varied while later concepts are detailed and well informed
  • fast – concepts are quick to produce and easy to modify
  • easily tested – prototypes are an excellent way to get feedback through user testing
  • easy to communicate – early sketches have immediate visual impact while interactive prototypes are a powerful tool to communicate a design to stakeholders


Typical deliverables for interaction design include:

  • interaction designs (or wireframes/prototypes) – can be used by developers or agencies to implement the design
  • annotations – detailing user behaviour and design rationale. Developers love them!
  • style guides – common design patterns that developers can reuse throughout a system

Get in touch with us to find out more about our interaction design approach / techniques and to discuss your project