When quick feedback and an expert opinion are required, an expert review provides excellent results at low cost.

In an expert review, usability professionals conduct a thorough examination of an existing product or prototype from its users perspective. They identify and rate likely problem areas, and provide recommendations to make the product more practical, useful, usable and satisfying to use.

Before starting an expert review, we study the business intent behind the product, the known needs and characteristics of its intended users, and the real-world constraints applying to the project. This essential step ensures that we can focus on genuine issues and offer relevant, actionable recommendations.


An expert review takes advantage of the knowledge of experienced practitioners who have facilitated hundreds of user tests. The results have great bang-for-buck and can be turned around quickly. Furthermore, an expert review often identifies easy-to-make changes that provide substantial improvements in usability. It can be conducted on paper-based or early-stage prototypes, and our reports always give you an idea of the priority and severity of issues.

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