Our UX & digital optimization services will guarantee your project success
We provide a wide range of user experience and digital transformation solutions for the public and private sectors. Our main services are classified into Strategic, Research, Analysis, Design, and Training. If you would like to know when to use each of the services below, please visit the breakdown of our services.

Strategy & Consultation

  • UX Digital Strategy

    When you don’t know where to start, a strategy gives you a vision, a road map and clear goals for your channel, service or website. Our strategies are innovative and follow the best techniques that suits your organization

  • Lean UX

    Our Lean UX approach puts designers and developers right next to each other. We take a deeply collaborative approach, with prototyping and testing happening earlier and more often throughout the design process. We bring users and stakeholders in repeatedly to validate and iterate designs.

  • Service design

    Looks at the end-to-end user experience for any service. Reviews the current state, looks at the ideal state, and then identifies and fixes the gaps.

  • Business process transformation

    We ensure the project is well conceived through following a user-centered design (UCD) approach which takes into account your organisation’s business objectives and the needs of the internal and external customers and other stakeholders affected.

  • Capability development

    Capability development is about much more than skills transfer, but thats where it usually begins. The next step is typically to develop internal processes and the tools to make them work, and to define roles and build teams.

  • UX Training & Certification

    We provide a number of UX training modules which we combine into 1-3 day programs depending on your particular needs. You can also get certified after completing the main 3 UX courses

Research & Analytics

  • Expert review

    Our usability experts review your system and suggest quick, inexpensive, ways to improve usability.

  • Usability testing

    We observe your customers using your system to find out what their actual issues are. We give you smart and pragmatic advice to fix the issues.

  • UX research methods & best practices

    User experience research is all about understanding the users of your services, products and systems: your customers, prospects, partners and staff. It also includes understanding your business processes and the context and constraints of the experience being researched.

  • Eye tracking

    Tracks eye movement and eye-fixation patterns to help you climb inside your users heads and see your designs through their eyes.

  • Web Analytics

    Understand how users behave on your website by using actual data from their visits.

  • Surveys

    An easy way to find out who’s using your system, why they’re there and what they like and dislike.

  • Field studies

    Gain insight into how people use a system in their typical environment: at work, home or on the go.

Design & Evaluation

  • Persona

    Helps to bring users’ needs and attitudes to life by creating fictional Personas. These help to ensure you are designing for the right users and behaviours.

  • Information Architecture

    We help you design a structure, labelling and navigation that make your content easy to find. This exercise involves card sorting and tree testing to ensure optimal information findability

  • Interaction Design

    Designing how users will interact with a system or screen. Generally starts with low-fidelity concepts and works through to clickable prototypes.

  • Visual Design

    Visual design adds life to a system. It can delight, evoke emotions, persuade users, and help users interact more easily with a screen.

Want to know when to use each of the following services and how long it takes ? Check out our break down of services section or get in touch with us to find more details about the way we can help you in your project