Understand how users are behaving on your website using real data from web analytics.

People are using your website all the time and most organisations are collecting a wealth of usage data from their websites. Analytics can help you to maximise the value from that data.

Analytics is great when combined with other services such as expert review, user testing and surveys to get the complete picture.

We can help with your analytics in four ways:

  • one-off analytics review – we take your current analytics and analyse the data to answer business and usage questions. We can find out who visits the site, where they go, what they visit, and when they leave.
  • Google Analytics set up– we support your internal team to set up Google Analytics so that you get the right information out of the system from the start.
  • analytics monitoring – we monitor your Google Analytics and provide monthly summaries.
  • analytics in user centred design – at the beginning of projects we will often take a look at your analytics to help us to understand current user behaviour.

Our Google certified staff are experts in applying and analysing data from a range of tools including: Google Analytics, KISS Metrics, Crazy egg, 4Q surveys.


Analytics insights can help you get the most from your website:

  • actual: find out what visitors to your site actually do – not just what your stakeholders think they do
  • informed: we can set your analytics up to get accurate, useful data to help you make informed decisions about your site
  • over time: track design changes to see if they’re having the desired effect
  • pain points: we discover where your site is under performing and which pages are ineffective.


  • analytics summary report who visits the site, where they go, what they visit, and when they leave. It also identifies the areas of your site that are under performing
  • monthly monitoring reports
  • mentoring and support in set up

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