Creating enjoyable user experiences for your customers and staff requires planning and commitment. Creating a user experience strategy is what your organisation can do to embed better UX into your services, products, websites and applications.

Our UX strategy service shows you how to incorporate user-centered design approaches into all your projects. We show you what activities are needed when. For example, how and when to get customers involved in improving your products and services.

Ideally we will help you create your UX strategy at an organisation-wide level to be applied on all projects. However, we can also help you get started with your UX strategy on any project where usability is crucial.

Benefits of UX strategy

The key advantage of embedding UX strategy into your projects is that your services and products will have the correct focus from the start and therefore save you time and money. It is always easier, and therefore less expensive, to change designs in the earlier stages of a project, as this quote from IBM illustrates:

  • “Incorporating ease of use into your products actually saves money. Reports have shown it is far more economical to consider user needs in the early stages of design, than it is to solve them later.

    For example, in Software Engineering: A Practitioners Approach shows that for every dollar spent to resolve a problem during product design, $10 would be spent on the same problem during development, and multiply to $100 or more if the problem had to be solved after the products release.”

UX strategy deliverables are highly dependent upon your particular needs. However, typically start with a report, for example identifying the activities and participants. Other deliverables can include:

  • Workshops
  • Ongoing training and mentoring
  • One of our consultants working as your usability ‘champion’ for  a specific project
  • Creation of training programs for specific techniques your team will use
  • Creation of a user interface style guide

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