Get to know the people who use your system. Discover who they are, why they use your system and what they like and dislike about it through User Surveys.

Surveys are a quick way to find out who is visiting your website or a system. A survey will highlight your system’s potential problem areas, as well as what people like.

Surveys are great if you don’t know a lot about your users. They can also be used to benchmark satisfaction before and after a redesign. Surveys work best when they are combined with other qualitative research methods such as user testing or user interviews.


Surveys are simple and can easily be tailored to meet your business objectives. They offer:

  • pre-qualified respondents: as participants are already users of your website or system
  • speed: a survey is a very time efficient way of carrying out user research with a large, relevant population
  • results are representative: an online survey removes selection bias, such as geographic area
  • response rates: online surveys have significantly higher response rates than paper-based equivalents
  • comparison: survey data can be used as a reliable basis for comparison or for assessing progress towards quantitative usability targets


User insight reports include detailed descriptions of your users, their demographics, what they do on your site, and what they like and dislike.

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