Bring user needs, frustrations, and attitudes to life through Personas then keep them at the heart of design.

Personas are often the quickest and most effective way to build empathy for the users of a website, system or service. Personas put a face and name to your research and represent the collective needs of your users.
Our approach to creating personas includes:

  • researching business needs and goals, user and market data
  • interviewing users to gain an understanding of what drives them
  • analysing user interviews and determining what matters to them
  • validating the personas with front line staff
  • creating the final personas, and writing their stories.


Personas are a powerful tool that offer many key benefits:

  • communicate: with stakeholders, developers and other designers
  • build consensus: personas pull a team together around a shared vision of exactly which user groups are being designed for and what their needs are
  • keep costs down: early consensus typically leads to less miscommunication and lower costs as more detailed decisions are taken
  • walk in your users shoes: personas foster empathy for your site or system’s users so you can make design decisions that will help them


Youll get a set of personas that reflect the attitudes, behaviours, motivations and needs of your key user groups. We can present these in a number of different formats, depending on your needs.

Get in touch with us to find out more about Personas development and how it help benefit your project