Lean UX is a new, faster design process focusing on designing outcomes, not preparing outputs.

Our Lean UX approach puts designers and developers right next to each other. We take a deeply collaborative approach, with prototyping and testing happening earlier and more often throughout the design process. We bring users and other stakeholders in repeatedly to validate and iterate designs.

Our Experience Designers will co-locate and lead you (your product owners, marketing teams, sales guys, and support team) and development partners through an intensive, rapid-fire sequence of week-long sprints to define, prototype, test, and refine user experience.

Emphasis is placed on understanding and designing the user experience, rather than producing documentation.


Some of the benefits of Lean UX include:

  • speed: as most deliverables are removed from the process, designs can be iterated earlier and outcomes produced faster.
  • user driven: our consultants create basic prototypes and test with users straight away, quickly validating the best design direction with users.
  • collaborative: our diverse team work together with you and your partners, in a shared workspace.


With less weight on deliverables, common understanding and iterated designs are the outcomes of Lean UX.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the lean ux approach and how it could help you achieve great results for your project.